NQC 2021

Rocky Top Tours

Bus safety precautions:

Safety Precautions:
In an effort to help protect our employees, all customers and the community here are a few guidelines for you to review should you ride the hotel shuttles:
1. We ask that if you are not feeling well or have been in contact with anyone that has exhibited signs of illness please refrain from traveling on the shuttle.
2. Please try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and face.
3. Please cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze using a tissue or your elbow.
4. Please wash hands frequently when possible, when not, please use hand sanitizer.
5. Please wear a face covering while traveling on the shuttle, unless you have a medical condition or the rider is a child
 For your safety we will be screening all employees daily for fever or any signs of illness. In addition to the normal cleaning routine buses are all disinfected before the next day using an Electrostatic Disinfection System.

This highly concentrated fogging system disburses hospital grade, CDC approved disinfecting solution to all areas of the bus including: seats, seatbelts, armrests, overhead compartments, handrails, restrooms as well as the steering wheel, instrument panel and dashboard.

Drivers will also have access to cleaning supplies to wipe high touch surfaces throughout the day. These areas include: Handrails, armrests, driver steering wheel and instrument panel, dash area, exterior luggage bay handles, restroom door handles, restroom handrails, etc.

Thank you, working together we will all emerge stronger.